Oi, What’s That Shop?

I’m not much for making lists of things, but let’s try my hand and see what comes of it.

Below you will find a list of d6 strange shops found somewhere in Rivage.

  1. Clegulo’s Waxes and Oils. Famous for their high quality mustache wax. Clegulo has massive, shaped, and ever-changing facial hair, with a large affable personality to match. He’ll let his friends in the backroom where he sells all manner of torqlock pistols (a full winding will last for ten shots).
  2. The Bookbreakers. Clim and Flen are twin scarabae, small and elderly, who run this shop piled high with a maze of books. They will give you cash for any book, and will promptly destroy it in some unique and catastrophic manner. Somewhere in their shop is a portal to The Stygian Library, and the Librarians want them dead.
  3. Strings n’ Things. An oddly named debt-broker’s shop, run by the yokai Thyln – self proclaimed “greatest debt-broker in seven worlds”, she prides herself on having debts on all the big players. Trade enough coin or favors and you, too, can get into anyone’s good graces.
  4. The Opalescent Owl. A strigi only tavern and brothel run by a hawkish old fellow named M’kree. M’kree is secretly the current host of a parasitic refugee from a recently dead world. At night, M’kree meets with fellow hosts in the storage room, as they try to adjust to their new normal.
  5. Whisper & Chant. This tiny shop tucked away in a dingy alley provides a much sought after service in the city – Grignoli, the alfar proprietor, is a necromancer of great repute, and for a few coins she will question the corpses brought to her. Rumors say, though, that she keeps any weak spirit for herself.
  6. Dodgy Wailer’s. This tavern and entertainment joint isn’t sanctioned by the Guild of Song, a point which often resulted in attacks and raids by the Guild. But that all stopped when Mr and Mrs Pratt took over. This troll couple are secretly pacifists, but their horrible visages and ability to grow larger or smaller on demand has made the Guild look the other way.

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