Whatcha Up To?

Hey, I have a blog. I sometimes forget to write about game things! So here’s a slapdash, disorganized post of stuff!

I still have regular Thursday and Sunday games. The Thursday slot just finished up a game of World of Dew – this was a super fun game, with a lot of moving parts that felt like a more mechanized version of Fate. It had some stuff that worked well, and some stuff that our group clashed with.

One World of Dew thing I want to keep and reuse when possible: the Three Truths. When something new is introduced – a person, place, or similar – the GM asks for three things that are true about it. World of Dew isn’t exactly clear how this is supposed to go, but we kept round-robining the truths and it made for very interesting things added into the fiction. It was very neat most of the time.

But now Thursday has moved on to Band of Blades, which I’m running now. This is a Forged in the Dark game about a military legion on the back foot, fleeing from the oncoming undead hoards of the Cinder King. Band places in two phases – the Mission phase where individual squads and soldiers take on smaller tasks, and the Campaign phase where the actions of the Legion as a whole are determined. We play two hour sessions, so I intend to alternate Mission and Campaign phases each session. We’re only one session deep, so time will tell on this.

The Sunday game has move from Over the Edge to Unknown Armies 3e. Unknown Armies has some really really cool things in it, but also some hard trad game edges I bump against. I’ve had to modify much of how the game is run, but the setting and the world is perfectly in my wheel house. I intend to write a post soon about how I’m running UA, because I definitely include a lot of PbtA sensibilities in the game.

Looking to the future, I’d like to run a game of Freebooters on the Frontier 2e in the Ultraviolet Grasslands world. I’d have to convert some of the travel mechanics into replacement moves, but that’d be pretty quick.

More to come soon!

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