20in2020 Game Design Challenge

Photo by Roman Koval from Pexels

Like many folks on the indie side of the hobby, I have a habit of hacking and making games. Most of them don’t ever see the light of day. I’ve published a few, sure, but I wouldn’t call myself prolific.

Enter the #20in2020 challenge. The rules are simple: in the year 2020, you will write and publish 20 games or game-adjacent things. Hacks, supplements, specific settings, it doesn’t matter.

This works out to nearly 2 things published each month, so you need to hedge your bets a little – use the nearly complete things you have sitting around, combine them, hack them down to one page, or maybe even break something up into more than one publishable unit. The specifics are up to you. No one is going to judge you except yourself.

I know I don’t publish a lot on this blog much these days, but I expect to post about each new release, along with design notes here.

I also know myself, so I expect to start strong, but begin to falter a little come March or April. That’s where you all come in – I want to see people undertaking this challenge or similar ones and I want to talk about it and commiserate.

Who’s in?

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